The Greenest of Green Products

Most homeowners are not aware of the significant impact their decisions can make on the environment by selecting cellulose as their insulation of choice.
Thermguard is extremely environmentally friendly; S.A.B.S approved and is 100% organic and biodegradable. It is used in buildings to conserve energy, which ultimately slows the burning of fossil fuels which create greenhouse gasses. Thermguard is manufactured using an amazing 80% recycled newsprint (one of the largest parts of our waste stream) which would otherwise be dumped in landfills creating greenhouse gasses.

The embodied energy (energy used to manufacture Thermguard) is 15 times less than glass fibre and 33 times less than polyurethane (plastic) insulation materials.

100% Seamless Cover

Thermguard has the highest R-value when compared to ALL alternative residential bulk insulation materials available on the market, added to this its ability to give 100% coverage makes it the most effective residential insulation locally available. Thermguard acts as a fluid covering your ceilings structure completely ,acting as a seamless blanket preventing any heat gains and losses from occurring through gaps, obstacles and hard to reach places which would otherwise reduce the insulations effectiveness by up to 30%.

The University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning did a study that compared two identical buildings, one with cellulose and the other with fiberglass. The cellulose building used 26.4% less energy to heat.

Fire Retardent

Prior to application, Thermguard is treated with fire retardant additives. Such is the products’ prowess that it will withstand the heat of a blow lamp without melting or emitting noxious fumes.

Fire tested to SANS 428 and classified B/B1/2; Thermguard has been proven to protect properties against the threat of fire and in some cases has reduced the spread of accidental fires.

SANS 10177—“Does not have a propensity to support flame spread. No ignition of the insulation material and any resultant fire propagation was observed at any time during the test period”—Fire technology and consulting services

Insect and Rodent Repellant

The borate additives Thermguard is treated with are harmless to humans and our pets; however it will irritate insects and rodents such that they will not live in the material or use it to build a nest. The result is that the product is actually an effective pest control measure ensuring a clean and healthy home.

Sound Proof

Cellulose fibre has the properties of an especially efficient soundproofing material. The acoustic properties of Thermguard are most accurately demonstrated in the fact that the density is four times that of glass fibre. Once installed, the living space will be sheltered from external road noise, airplane noise as well as preventing sound travelling from room to room within the property.

Lifetime Guarantee

Thermguard offers a lifetime guarantee and will last the life of the building.