We are able to assist you with your ceiling insulation requirements. Our product benefits the household in both winter and summer with potential cost savings on electricity year round.

THERMGUARD has been in existence since 1984 and boasts installations throughout South Africa both large and small. Our product has superior insulative properties, is 100% safe, quick to install and is also very competitively priced. Besides being fire retardant, insect and rodent repellent a major advantage is the fact that it is a fibrous material, when installed Thermguard falls into the smallest of places effectively insulating the entire ceiling cavity from the living rooms below.

Roof insulation has never been as important as it is today! With the drastically increasing cost of electricity, in addition to the ongoing load shedding experienced in recent years, an energy efficient home is one of the primary desires of South African homeowners. Not only does quality roof insulation save you money, moreover, it keeps you comfortable and healthy – improving your lifestyle.

We specialize in the installation of Thermguard roof insulation, the most effective bulk home insulation available on the local market. Thermguard roof insulation consists of 80% recycled newsprint (a natural insulator) and is 100% SABS approved. Furthermore, it is completely fire retardant and is the only ceiling insulation which is completely insect & rodent repellent.

Unlike other home insulation materials, Thermguard roof insulation provides 100% cover and has a natural ability to “tighten” a building. As a result, Thermguard reduces noise, draughts and air movement. Cellulose being a loose fill ceiling insulation and is therefore able to fill all small, hard-to-reach cavities (often present in low pitched or complicated roofs) and irregular surfaces making it over 20% more effective than roll or board type roof insulations once installed. Even under test conditions (flat surfaces) Thermguard home insulation offers the highest R-value at an extremely competitive price.

Meet the Therm Guard Natal Team

Thermguard Umhlanga Rocks

A week since our seamless installation end June
Middle of winter and since installation we have NOT used our heaters (constantly used previously) and, having wrapped our geyser, our geyser temperature gauge clearly shows that heat loss has been diminished
Had obtained three quotes and have no hesitation highly recommend Paul and his team for price, service & a product that works


Great Service – Great Difference

We recently had Therm Guard installed in our home. The installation team, Dean, Eric and Nate were punctual, friendly and efficient. The installation was completed on time with minimal mess. I would recommend Therm Guard as a product and the professional team to anybody considering the installation of this insulation product. Thanks again Therm Guard.
Graham Yoko

Graham Yoko

what a pleasure

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Paul and his team when insulating my roof and geyser. They were prompt and efficient with their quotes, my numerous queries, and the installation process. I can highly recommend them – thanks a lot guys for making this a hassle free experience.

Susie Ratcliffe

Excellent Team

A huge thank you Paul to you and your team for working so fast and neat to get our insulation in. Your work is neat and your team is pleasant and courteous. Summers are cool and winters are warmer.
If you are considering insulation, I would say don’t even hesitate, give Paul and call, it will change your life on those HOT summer days!
Jacey Stratford 0832002264

Jacey Stratford