With the rapidly increasing cost of electricity, as well as the continuous and ongoing load shedding experienced in recent years, an energy efficient home is one of the primary desires of South African homeowners.

Not only does a well insulated home save you money year round, it keeps you comfortable and healthy – improving your lifestyle.
Although Thermguard does not physically heat or cool your home, it prevents the transfer of heat (or cold) from the outside by up to 92%. Each home is unique but on average we expect the difference between an un-insulated living space and one insulated with Thermguard, to be in the order of 4-6°C

In summer, our hot African sun beats down on your roof causing the still air in your roof space to reach extreme temperatures, creating an oven effect. This heat is transferred via conduction through your ceiling making your living space extremely uncomfortable. By installing Thermguard, you will be able to prevent the heat flowing downwards into your cooler home by up to 90%. Depending on where you live and your current A/C and fan usage Thermguard will pay for itself within 2-3 years from installation.

During our freezing winter months, Thermguard will keep your home naturally warm by retaining the heat generated during the day inside your living space. Heat sources such as electric heaters, gas heaters or a fireplace will be unnecessary in most instances but when used, simply generate heat until you are comfortable, switch off the heat source and Thermguard will retain the heat in your home. When fitted at 135mm, the reduction of heat flow in winter is an amazing 92%

In summer, Thermguard ceiling insulation provides a barrier against the sun’s heat that builds up within your roof space.

Consequently, the house remains cool and comfortable. During hot months, air-conditioning bills are therefore drastically reduced.

In winter, Thermguard ceiling insulation will stop the cold penetrating the house through the ceiling.

It will retain any heat generated inside the living space thus saving on your heating costs and improving your comfort.

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service and guarantee you’ll “feel the difference” once Thermguard roof insulation has been installed. We are always respectful of your property and will complete all work in a timely manner with minimal disruption.

Thermguard roof insulation is the simplest, most cost effective way to improve your homes ambient temperature saving electricity, saving you money!