A massive thank you to Paul and Dean at Thermguard, honestly I expected a difference but this was incredible!!
From the very moment they were finished we could feel it, the house felt insulated, the wind was howling that day, immediately from inside you could barely hear it, and the usual coughing and spluttering from the dust was gone, I too suffer from sinus and on day 3 my sinuses had cleared almost by 70% after years of struggling and antibiotics, and I can feel they are going to clear completely.
The service was brilliant and within about 3 hours of arriving it was all done and dusted.
Should you be considering using the services of Paul and Dean at Thermguard dont hesitate, you will be 100% satisfied, and if you would like to chat personally if you have any questions please feel free to call.
Thanks guys for everything.
Anita & Thierry Baert.072-3835657